About Restoration Action

Restoration Action offers an aspirational conservative agenda and educational platform to help shape public policy aimed at restoring America’s greatness.

Doug Truax, President of Restoration Action, is a 46-year-old West Point graduate, Army veteran and health care reform expert. He owns a successful health care benefits consulting business, works and lives in suburban Chicago and was a candidate for US Senate in the Illinois GOP Primary in 2014. He passionately believes in America’s greatness and is fighting every day to bring conservative principles to all corners of our society, culture and political arena.


Restoration Action is a social welfare organization formed under the 501(c)(4) section of the IRS code. Our goal is to educate the public across a wide array of platforms about our philosophy of a strong and fiscally sound America. We are blessed to live in a country where we can share our vision freely and openly with both friends and opponents.

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