Blueprint for the Restoration of America

Restore individual peace and international security

  • Recognize that America is the indispensable force for good in the world and must lead in order to prevent mass chaos and bloodshed.
  • Aggressively kill Islamic terrorists anywhere in the world.
  • Greatly increase our human intelligence resources and forward deployed, military special operators to help destroy terrorists.
  • Deny ISIS further territorial gains and roll back their previous advances.
  • Truly lead our allies in a clearly stated mission.
  • Speak forcefully and directly on the world stage so there’s no confusion about America’s intentions.
  • Announce clearly that America will consider it an act of war if any country perpetrates or intentionally aids any attack on our country.
  • Make it clear that America will not tolerate any crossing of bright lines.
  • With congressional approval, allow for targeting of foreign terrorist leaders deemed an imminent threat to America.
  • Allow no further nuclear proliferation.
  • Keep every option on the table at all times.

Restore individual freedom; reduce the size of government, reduce the debt.

  • Reduce non-security budgets 25% over four years (6.25% per year)
  • Hold security budgets to their pre-sequestration percentage of GDP for four years
  • Require a ten year re-authorization of all federal regulations.
  • Ban government unions and eliminate the Department of Education.
  • No bailouts and no corporate subsidies.
  • Appoint strict constructionist judges.
  • Vigorously enforce our current federal immigration laws.
  • For all born on or after 7/16/70 (Doug’s birth date), completely restructure Social Security and Medicare for perpetual sustainability.
  • Repeal Obamacare, allow nationwide purchasing of medical insurance, require hospitals to publish their pricing, and expand federal high risk pools to cover pre-existing conditions.
  • All individuals receiving federal aid must continually re-qualify.
  • Amend the constitution to require a balanced federal budget, term limits, and that all laws apply equally to Congress and the President.
  • Audit the Federal Reserve with an eye to curbing the unfettered printing of money to artificially prop up our economy.

Restore individual prosperity; revive the economy.

  • Reduce every federal tax by 25%.
  • The only deductions that remain are charitable, mortgage and medical insurance premiums.
  • Go to a territorial based system that caps US corporate taxes on international profit at the US rate.

America has steered off course. Restoration Action has developed the Blueprint for the Restoration of America as a policy approach to restore America's greatness. Restoration Action will inform, equip and mobilize individuals to take action and get America back on the right track.

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